frequently asked Questions

How long are your delivery times?

We need about five to ten working days for the development and scanning your C41 film. Working days are Monday to Friday, 9 to 17 pm, Saturday closed. Holidays in NRW and company holidays also do not count as working days. Postal delivery is not included in the delivery time.

With over 20 films we need about 7 to 15 days to send the link to download your images.

E6 films are developed in a full batch. Demand for E6 development is low; Delivery times may increase up to 15 working days.

E6 films are developed in a full batch. Demand for E6 development is low; The delivery time is approximately 15 working days. Please ask for delivery time!

Sending different films in one order, the delivery time depends on the slowest process. Due to organizational reasons, we don´t split a order to send scans faster!

Why are the delivery times as long? We scan only in high resolutions. These resolutions require some time. We also filter each image manually. The overall approach requires longer working hours; do not compare us with 24 hours express minilabs and their usual Photo-CDs. We offer more.

Is there an express service?

Yes. We offer a 4 days, 2 days & 24 hours express service, which must be crossed in the order document.

What formats can I get?

We offer jpg, 8 and 16 bit tiff files. We deliver tiff files only on dvd, because of the huge amount of data.

Can you storage my negs to save some costs?

For a fee we store your negatives until the end of the year. The charge includes a one-time return shipping .

How do I pay ?

You pay the bill quite easily with SEPA bank-transfer.

We work only on advance payment.

Which films do you process?

We scan 35mm and medium format films.

The formats are 110-135-120 / 220.

Individual pictures on the negative strip may have the following size: Pocket, 35mm, half format, 35mm panorama (max 10964 x 4492 Pixel), 6×4,5, 6×6, 6×7, 6×8, 6×9 & 6×12.

We do not scan large format films and framed medium format slides.

Special formats 110, Panorama etc. are provided with a small surcharge, because the scanning take a longer time.

We do not process APS films

Special films (Lomo / Kono / etc ..)

Lomofilms are developed by hand. This processing provides the best quality for the Lomography films and effect. For this films, a small surcharge is calculated.

Old films, films of unknown origin, Minox, some Rolleifilms, Kono, unusual formats and more, we develop and scan only by prior arrangement. Often we have to operate additional manual effort, so our cheap package prices are no longer valid and we have to bill an according to effort.

If the original (film) is of poor quality (expired film, fogged emulsion, damage to the emulsion, underexposed old emulsion) we try the technically possibility. However, the result can be questionable. In this case, we can not guarantee a nice result and the risk lies with the customer alone. If you send us such a film, we ask you to contact us by phone, we will gladly advise you.

Own wishes regarding color and contrast design
Of course, that’s our goal, that you get your scans in the style you want! By choosing the film and its exposure, you significantly influence the saturation, contrast and thus the look you need for your project. This is a complex topic that is part of our personal support.
Labeling of film rolls / outer packaging

Please label your films with push / pull options using a waterproof pen.

Are images 100% scan with the border?

No, films are scanned without the sprocket or filmborder.

How long do files stay online?

After we have sent the link to download the scans, the archive will remain online for about 20 days. It is then deleted by the web server. We do not have an offline archive.