At this year’s Photokina we start an interview with an extremely talented photographer from Bavaria, Daniela Benzin.


Daniela loves photography with film and works in the field of alternative photography. Beautyphotography and retouching is not her style. Her portfolio is full with emotional conviction and authentic pictures.


1. What are your inspirations for a shooting?

Sometimes an idea comes when listening to music, watching people or certain locations. Sometimes an idea born in my head.

2. Explain the flow of your Shooting

I write or ask someone that interested me for a photoshoot. I think about this individual that might fit best for her / him. Then I try to find out a location where I can work alone. Often I am lucky that I have a makeup artist a the place who control the look and styling of my models. Then we meet at the due date and walk first around until I find the place and emotion what I like.

I prefer to take then pictures when the atmosphere is good.

3. With what kind of models do you work together?

I prefer to work with people who understand my style and appreciate analog photography. I have it like natural because I love the nude look. Otherwise, I’m a fan of uncomplicated people, that walk sometimes in deep water or in the mud.

Own initiative is very important, because it is all about teamwork.

4. which concept do you follow?

I have a concept? If so it is authentic. Naturally. Honestly. I am looking for images with emotions, feelings, melancholy and expression. I try always to pack this points in my pictures. If the image touched me, I’m happy.

5. What films are in your photobag?

The film is selected depending on what, who and where I photograph. I like to experiment and also use sometimes old rare films. The result of scanning an old film is a nice surprise effect.

But at the moment a use a lot of conventional black and white films from Kodak, Ilford and Fuji.

6. What equipment do you use?


At 99% I mostly use the Canon AE-1 Program with the FD 50mm 1.4 and the FD 24mm 2.8.
Then I also use the Yashica C 80mm 3.5 and the Bronica ERTS 50mm 2.8.
Immediately there is also the Pentax Auto 110 with three small lenses in my bag.

7. Why do you love to work with film?

I want to take pictures, and emotions do not need retouching. I am also a little bit retro. I still read books and have no eBooks or audiobooks. I love old edged cars and don´t like the new round designs on cars. I write still postcards and letters and hear vinyl records.

Working with film gives me my break.

In addition, the analog community is just great.


8. Where can we see or buy your pictures?

At different sites, such as my website –, Instagram –, Facebook –
But I don´t sell pictures.

Love and fat thanks,


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