Together with Kodak Alaris we are giving away 200 Kodak Gold 200 medium format films. The films are fresh from production and are just waiting to be exposed. The Kodak Gold 200 in medium format represents the latest innovation from Kodak. In 35mm format, the Gold 200 was our most developed film last year. Now it is also available to all lovers of medium format film and impresses with its extremely fine grain, natural and saturated colors and a unique look. The Gold200 is deliberately different from the Portra. It has a nominal sensitivity of 200 ASA, but its optimum is 125.

Kodak Gold 200 120

The colors are more vibrant compared to the Portra 160. One of the most important arguments, however, is the price, which is significantly lower than all other professional films.

With the code word #gold120 we include a fresh Gold 200 medium format film with every order, completely free of charge. Test the film and send us the best scans, because in late spring we will present and heavily promote your pictures, taken on the Gold200, in our blog and on social media.

A campaign by Kodak Alaris in collaboration with MeinFilmLab