Picture: Jörg Bergs – Normandy – Kodak Ektar 100

With attention to detail

An eventful year is coming to an end and we look forward to the next one! Who would have thought that Kodak, Fuji and Ilford would bring new, high-quality products to the market after a long downhill run and slump in sales?

Next year we will continue to focus on the right picture: the real print. The print always looks better than a scan, try it yourself! I employ a team of trained and studied photographers who have been in business for decades and not only know the market, they master colors. Our goal is the finished image, both the scan or the print – no longer sit on the screen unnecessarily, let us do the work. Our industrial scanners get everything out from your film. Take photos and let us know what you think.

I wish you a happy new year. Below we show a small selection of the best pictures of our customers (even thousands of pictures should have been here!).

Thank you! Yours Jörg Bergs

Jörg Bergs – Gründer von MFL


Bianca Maria Rulli
Anny Wang – Kodak GB200
Antonia Schaefer – Kodak Portra 400
Christian Schroeder – CineStill 800
Christoph Ermert – Kodak Portra 160
Fredo Gerdes – Kodak Portra 400
Florent Porta – Kodak Portra 400
Lukas Sowada – Kodak Portra 800
Marc Wick – Kodak TMax 3200
Fiona Dinkelbach – Ilford FP4
Jana Redweik – Ilford HP5
Malte Broese – Kodak Portra 160
Martin Dächsel – E6
Paul Rogel – Fuji Pro400H
Paul Rogel – Fuji Pro400H
Reith Patrick – Kodak Ektar 100
Simon Birk – Kodak Portra 400
Simon Paul – CineStill
Oktavian Mot – Kodak 400TX
Susan Buth – Agfa APX100
Ondina Baier Yanez – Ilford Pro 400H
Santiago Loesslein Pulido – Kodak Portra 400
Jörg Bergs – Kodak Portra 800
Redweick Jana – Silbersalz Film – Scan MeinFilmLab
Simon Poller
Swen Bachmann – Kodak 400TX
Aimilia Theofilopoulos – Kodak Portra 800
Tobias Nielsen – Kodak 400TX
Susan Buth – Kodak Portra 400