It´s all about film

What an awesome weekend: Our summer festival last friday and saturday. In the depth of the Hürtgen Forest outlying from everything, there was the Mecca of analogue photography. From throughout every part of Germany and adjoining countries enthusiastic photographers visited us to get a insight into our workflow in the lab on the one hand and an exchange with each other on the other hand.

Analogue Exchange

We promoted the exchange of knowledge about analogue photography the whole weekend. Every topic were discussed. Wether lomography, pocket format, 110mm, 35mm or medium format. We processed every kind of film, showed and explained everything and showed how our scanners are working. Everybody was able to see our work-intensive workflow all about film and enlargements.

Workshop for film photographers

Jesse Struyvelt from Belgium managed two well-attended workshops. All participants learned the approach to film, models and light to get an emotional result even through difficult conditions.

Despite of the hot midsummer temperatures for the good of everyone was cared. In front of our lab there were portfolio analyses and it was nice to see a huge variety of themes.

On behalf of the MFL-staff, participants, photo lovers i want to thank you once again and there will be a repetition of this concept soon!


Selected works at the end of September

P.S.: Instead of a new selcted works there will be a small overview of photos which were taken through the summer festival.The Copyright belongs to those who took the photos 🙂 Our next selected works will follow at the end of september and will be much bigger since we will put august and september together into one.

We give many thanks to: Ralf Trogemann, Manuel Simon, Daniel Rosse, Joris Peeters, Stefan Ostler, Olivier Verbeke, Johannes Meger, Thomas Böttcher, Sebastian Schlüter, Daniela Benzin, Jens Taube, Martin Ebert, Jesse Struyvelt, Jana Dillo and much more.