FineArt weddings, photographed with and on film

Fine art photography is like painting with light. In comparisson to digital photography the photographer can concentrate on the subject, because lights are always completely captured through the extremely high dynamic range of film.

Pastel photographs made for luxurious weddings can be easily and fantastically realized with film. High contrasts are no problem for  medium format films, as difficult lighting situations are much easier to capture.

At MeinFilmLab, we love individualism. We want you to

  • advise
  • school
  • and accompany every FineArt project,

so that your visions will be realized in perfection. (Cover picture: Die Hochzeitsfotografen)

Diana Frohmüller


Beloved pictures and inspirations

Angelika Krinke

Anja Schneemann

Die Hochzeitsfotografen

Anastasia Gerasimova

Heike Moellers

Derya Voelzke

Die Hochzeitsfotografen

Jochen Schwarz

Alexander Herlinski


Your personal contact:

Corinna Schmitz

Corinna Schmitz

MFL FineArt Department

Let us advise you! The fine art photography is diverse. Which film do I have to use for which style? How do I expose correctly? Which scan size is the best for my project? Which camera is the right one and which Manufacturer will take care of my hardware in case of a problem?

I am available for you as your FineArt contact person from 9 am to 4 pm.

Telephone: +49 (0) 24 29 90 90 566



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