Who is behind MeinFilmLab? Which people are supervised with which tasks? In this blog we introduce ourselves and show our faces.


Joerg Bergs



Jörg has been photographing since the 1980s. Preferably currently with Leica M system and/or with his Rolleiflex in medium format. His favorite films are the Deltas, Trix and the Portra series. Jörg takes care of the entire lab, maintains and repairs machines. As the boss, he is essentially in the middle of everything.

Jonas Reetz


IT Service

Jonas is a computer scientist and takes care of programming, IT, development and order processing. He offers our customers professional advice over the phone. In addition to Kodak Gold, he loves the Portra series and the Trix. He belongs to the Nikon faith and always carries his camera on his person.

Elke Bäcker


prof.analog photographer

Elke learned analogue photography from scratch during her photography training. She is our specialist in the print sector, develops your films and helps with scanning and order processing. No print leaves the lab without our expert inspection. Her Leica CL accompanies her through the day with a Kodak Gold.

Sophia Hofmeister


Media designer

Sophia takes care of your films. She gets all the information from your roles on the scanner. When delivering the orders, she gives tips and advice if we notice anything unusual. Sophia loves her Minolta, which she took over from her parents.