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C41 / B&W / E6
(Photo: Angelika Krinke)

100% silverhalid prints


add real silverhalid proof prints to your film order for a fantastic price!

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Send us your film, we are your professional film lab based in germany. We stand for high quality developing, scanning and printing. For color negative, black&white and E6 films, for both 35mm and 120/220 (Medium) format.


We scan your film at the resolution that you choose upon order. In addition you get a personal support with every order.


Simply download your scanned pictures from our own server. Alternatively, we burn your data onto CD / DVD and ship to your postal address.

We are a professional film lab, based in the middle of Europe. MeinFilmLab loves the unique look of analog film, and helps you transferring it into the digital world. We are not an automated 24h express lab – we listen to you and help you achieving the desired look of your images, by offering high-class scanning each frame by hand to get the best possible look. We are your partner and friend for your fine art wedding, couple, portrait or personal work pictures.

In addition, you can have your wonderful film negatives or slides printed onto 100% silverhalid or baryta paper in our lab. We offer both Epson large format printers with 11 base colors, classic darkroom work and fuji frontier prints.

The global player: Ilford HP5 und Kodak 400TX (TriX)

For decades, these films have been the absolute top films in the context of classic reportage, street photography and fine art. Even in the age of digital photography, many photographers use exclusively these two films for their projects. Many well-known...

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selected works winter 2017/18

Welcome to our new selected works edition for winter! We are lucky to offer you a complete analog workflow. Test our Velvet paper or let your negative print in our darkroom on real silvergelatine paper. We are no hipsters - we are professionals. Driven by...

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The Moody Look

  The magic Moody Look with Film   Next to the beloved pastel look you can also achieve a completly different look: the moody look. Its characteristics are its restrained density and saturation. Before the digital age the combination of film AND paper was...

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selected works autum 2017

How fast a year goes by - we have to thank you for that amazing year 2017. Winter starts in europe, that is the time to work on personal projects. We work hard on many new things that will come in 2018. Pure analog, pure silverhalid and high quality. Now...

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